Young Frankenstein

Tierney Watkinson | Team Member

You can stop holding your breath now— the show dates for “The Mel Brooks Musical: Young Frankenstein” have been set!

This year, the Musical Productions Club is returning to the Canfor studio at UNBC. Shows run from March 16th through 18th, and March 23rd through 25th. Mark it on your calendars! Each of these days will have an evening show, at 7:00pm. An additional matinee will be presented both Saturdays, at 1:00pm.

Tickets will be sold in the Winter Garden closer to the show date. Prices are 10$ for students and 15$ for the general public.

The production is relatively kid-friendly. That being said, you may have to answer a few questions afterwards, courtesy of your kids, should you bring them along to watch the show. There are no scripted curse words in this play (no promises about ad-libbing). However, the sexual innuendo is layered on pretty thick. It’s so thick, it is harder to ignore than that chunky soup you made three weeks ago when you were on a health kick and forgot in the back of your fridge after you misplaced your gym fob. And just as hairy. You have been warned.

Come and watch Dr. Frankenstein the younger attempt to avoid following in his grandfather’s footsteps…and succumb to the lure that is science and brains and beautiful women and surprisingly friendly ancient housekeepers named Helga. Igor might also have something to do with it.

The play’s got singing, it’s got dancing, etc, etc, there’s love, and most importantly, there’s science. Still haven’t found those werewolves yet. But wrap that all up in the humour of Mel Brooks and you’ve got yourself a play that you won’t want to miss.

Special note: There will also be a showing of A Very Potter Sequel this semester— dates TBA! Just because Voldemort is dead doesn’t mean the party has to end. House cup!