WTF does my professor do THAT?

By Professors A to Z

When we were students, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, papers were written on typewriters and the Internet was just a twinkle in someone’s eye, we wondered a LOT about things that happened at our universities.  Why did our professors do that?  Why does the university force us to do X?  What do I do if…?  How do I (well pretty much do anything, okay)? And back then, good luck to students that had such questions as there were no webpages with FAQ lists.

With this in mind, and recognizing that sometimes a human response is better than a cold list of always posted FAQs and answers, we thought we’d start this column as a way for students to submit questions and get answers directly from people “in the know”.

Every OTE issue, Professors A to Z (two real profs who still like to ask such questions) will do our best to answer yours—NO QUESTION TOO BIG OR SMALL! We will try our best to get the answers to your Qs straight from those who know, and to share those answers here.

So, send your questions anonymously to Over The Edge Editor re: AtoZ, at and every issue look for our best efforts to answer your Qs.  We ALL gain if we better understand this place.

PS: If you ask us about the old age professorly fashion combination of socks and sandals and why it’s so popular, we will have no good answers about that—we are just as mystified as you are.