Why Fall Wins in the Competition of the Seasons?

Assuming there is even a question of which is the best season, I shall present to you a bulletproof argument for why autumn is the best time of year. First let’s talk about the weather: gorgeous, sunny days with a light crisp wind that’s just cool enough to make you grab your favourite jacket on the way out the door. Vibrant orange and pink sunsets (that may startle you for their likeness to an atomic bomb going off) streak the evening sky. And who can ignore the sweet smell of fresh outdoor air as the trees lose their green hue in favour for some rich oranges and reds?

Next come the special occasions of this time of year and oh, how special they are! Despite its misunderstood history, Thanksgiving has to be one of the most-beloved and least hostile of all the holidays – at least among those who fancy themselves pumpkin pie enthusiasts. With holidays such as Christmas and Easter there are always possibilities of religious disparity and nasty underlying consumerism that can overshadow having a joyous ol’ time with those you love (or at the very least are related to). With a Thanksgiving dinner complete with stuffing, yams, and turkey (or Tofurky), there’s not a whole lot that people can disagree over.

Then there’s Hallowe’en! I would personally like to thank the Celts and the Catholics for feasting and getting all reflective about death and the supernatural or whatever because I for one value All Hallow’s Eve over all other celebratory occasions. When else do you have the excuse to be outrageously excited about making yourself into a Sonic the Hedgehog character (spoiler alert!) or buying sickening amounts of assorted mini chocolate bars to “give to the trick ‘r treaters?” While I won’t ignore the fact that the fall season means the end of summer and thus the end of lazy, carefree lounging in the sun, I will stress the contentment that comes with a spirited walk through the leaf-strewn sidewalks. That alone should be enough to convince any winter or summer activist that fall is and always will be the reigning time of year.

Gala Munoz

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