What’s about Secrets?

Emmanuel Drame | Team Member

Emmanuel Drame | Team Member


A burden amassed through discrete actions

The truth dare not knock for it will desecrate that which is to remain obliterated

To many a men, it is a responsibility of trust too great to bear

To the few trustworthy custodians, it palpitates the conscience

When moments thus remind us of them


The tale of absolute secrets is that to which only our actions are privy

Plurality in knowledge to it makes the guilty feel uneasy

To the grave it should be taken

But a harm it remains until its discovery sets all participants free


It is a double-edged sword for its bearers

Until it is let loose, it is rationalized as a disguise

To protect those we proclaim to love

Confidentiality is its maxim that defines the depth and duration of relationships.


Secrets amongst a handful is grounds for variations of truths

Everyone is deemed a liar until there is a unanimous coherence in their truth

So what’s about secrets?

Are they sedatives for our consciences when let loose?

Or are they bitter insomnia pills worth swallowing?


A life free of secrets devalues truth

On the other hand, life was not meant to be an open-book

No secrets is living life uninterested with no place for suspense whatsoever

Know your threshold for how much you can keep hidden

Weigh the repercussions, stay true to your secrets for

That is “what’s about secrets”