Welcome Back from CFUR

GOOOOOOD MORNING UNBCCCCCCC! We here at CFUR radio would like to welcome all of you to our beautiful school. New or returning students alike can all agree that it is a great place to be, so congratulations on your excellent judgment. We trust that you all had sun-filled summers complete with campfires, bathing suits, and acoustic guitars.


CFUR is a student and volunteer run community radio station located right here at UNBC. For all you new students, we are in the NUGSS building right beside the Over the Edge office. Our goal is to provide students a platform to build their skills in pretty much any media related field. If you have any interest at all in journalism, radio, TV, music production, documentaries, business management, grant writing, or the entertainment industry, there is a place for you at CFUR. All of our staff and volunteers are delightfully intelligent, funny, and with above-average looks, so you would likely fit right in. On top of that, local Prince George legends such as Bad Not Cheap, Air Guitar with Greg the Egg, and Rock n’ Soul are broadcast right out of our little slice of UNBC heaven, to you, the radio connoisseur.

On top of all the truly excellent perks, CFUR provides some of the best work experience you will get before graduating. Through CFUR, staff and volunteers have gone on to secure internships and staff positions with the CBC, interview and build relationships with their favorite musicians, sports writers, athletes, and journalists. As an undergrad, this is the best time to build your resume through work and volunteer experience. We are looking for volunteers in our music, programming, and spoken word departments. Dedicated volunteers have been known to receive free festival passes and tickets to concerts, as well as nacho and beer nights! Why are you not here already? Seriously, come and chat with us. We do not bite and we can figure out the best way to help you with your radio dreams. And hey, no matter what, we have always got a shelf full of free new music just begging to fall into your hot little paws.