Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets: A Movie Review

Alexandra Tuttosi | Contributor

Though I had never read the comics, and am not a big sci-fi fan, this movie exceeded my expectations. The movie takes place on and around space on a station called Alpha. The two main characters, Valerian and Laureline, are sent on a mission to retrieve something that is more valuable than they expected. Along the way both Valerian and Laureline test their partnership to the limit, while trying to figure out the importance of the foreign object.

Director Luc Besson did a fantastic job with piecing the movie together and making his vision come to life. However, the special effects during the movie cannot be ignored. Whether it was under water, in an endless market, within Alpha or even during Rihanna’s scene, they make the movie into the masterpiece that it is. I would gladly go see it again.