University Farmer’s Market

Alexandra Tuttosi | Team Member

Over The Edge sat down with UFM Manager, Leanne Varney, to get a better understanding of what it takes to run the Farmer’s Market:

Q: What encouraged you to help manage the Farmer’s Market this year?

A: I think that the Farmer’s Market is an excellent addition to the campus. It allows students to access local goods from all around them. We have a wonderful team of employees and volunteers, and of course all of our great vendors that make every Tuesday’s Market possible. The Farmer’s Market is unique to the UNBC campus, and I’m excited to start some more campus projects through it this year.

Q: What can someone expect from the Farmer’s Market if they have never gone before?

A: You can expect farm fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade baking, salsa, eggs, meats, teas, delicious lunches and ice cream, and crafts. Everything is sold by friendly vendors, always with a smile.

Q: What is your favourite thing about the Farmer’s Market?

A: My favourite part of the Market is meeting and talking with the vendors and students. Everyone has such interesting stories, and it’s nice to have everyone all in one place on Tuesdays.

Although there are people who do not go to the Farmer’s Market, or only go there for the ice cream, they miss out on a major part of what makes UNBC what it is today. As pointed out by Leanne, the Market is a great place to not only immerse yourself in the UNBC community, but also the Prince George community. UNBC would not be the same without the Farmer’s Market.