UNBC Senate Declares Non-Confidence in Matheson

Grant Bachand | Contributor

The UNBC Senate voted this Wednesday to determine the body’s confidence in current chair of the UNBC Board of Governors, Ryan Matheson. The motion carried, stating that the Senate has no confidence in Ryan Matheson’s leadership. This vote is symbolic and does not have any power to remove Ryan Matheson from his position as Chair of the Board of Governors, but signifies a massive divide within the university’s leadership.

The vote was conducted in private, and some senators were opposed to the secret ballot. Much of the opposition from members in the senate were around the secretive methods the Board of Governors allegedly used when picking Moore as UNBC’s next Chancellor. One Senator remarked about this being not open and transparent for the Senate to do, and in line with what they are fighting against.

This comes after a long battle between different groups at UNBC over the James Moore appointment. Many have expressed that the Board of Governors is “out of touch” with the university community. The discussion went on for a long time over this issue. An issue of a “shadowy” group known as the “Senate Caucus” was brought up by President Daniel Weeks. This group was accused of “whipping votes” of senators and not being part of the official Senate, or its processes. The members of the Senate Caucus stated that the group is not aimed to whip votes but to have frank discussions. Members also stated that they were offended by the remarks of the president and asked for an apology.

Regardless in what happens next, this will surely go further to divide the institution.