UNBC Musicals: Another Year

Tierney Watkinson | Team Member


Another year has come and gone for UNBC’s Musical Productions group.

As I write this, we have four more shows to perform. Last week, we had a few glitches with the set during our first show but the musical has really come together. This week of shows will be our best yet.

For this article, painfully aware that I am still neglecting to mention a number of members who also worked tirelessly to make these shows a reality, I wanted to give shout-outs to the Musical Production Club’s Technical Crew.

To Carmen Campbell, who played piano for the AVPS show and who has been a member of the club since the very beginning. She has starred as a crazed fan in Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself in the club’s production of Once More, With Feeling, a singing box in Avenue Q, a Lady of the Court Ancestor in The Addams Family Musical, and is a villager amongst other integral roles in Young Frankenstein. She is an incredible dancer and singer. She often brings her beautiful toddler to the set on Sundays while we rehearse.    

To Rylee Spencer, who took charge of the music and composition thereof for Young Frankenstein. She was and continues to be an excellent voice teacher, singer, and actress. She stars as Dumbledore in AVPS and AVPM, and is Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein. She also volunteered many, many hours that translated into sleepless nights working on sets. This is her first year with the club and with UNBC, and I sincerely hope she will keep coming back.

To Bradley Charles, who built the amazing revolving bookcase and had much to do with the success of the set. He too, is an amazing actor and his advice to the rest of us was much needed and appreciated. This is his second year with the club; he brilliantly starred as Gomez Addams in last year’s Addams Family Musical and has appeared both as Ron Weasley in our Harry Potter specials and most recently as Igor in Young Frankenstein.

To Tim Hillier, who is sound manager for Young Frankenstein. He was asked a mere three weeks before shows began to learn the cues for songs, organize the music for each scene and find sound effects, and he delivered. He also did lighting for AVPS last semester and has put in many late nights (that typically turn into early mornings) to build sets and learn every line of the play, to the point at which I am genuinely concerned for his health.   

To Jackson Talbot, who works tirelessly as our stage manager for Young Frankenstein, losing sleep and studying the play and selling tickets, occasionally snatching naps in Tim’s car between his classes. He kept the various props of about twenty actors in order backstage, helped everyone with costume changes between scenes, and orchestrated set changes. I am sure he cried hallelujah when the crew got their own radios. Somehow, he has kept up the illusion of high morale and sanity and in turn kept the backstage area from descending into chaos.   

To Andrea Lenardt, Teresa Coe, and Katie Hansen, who are volunteering as the lighting crew for Young Frankenstein and even when we suddenly lost two of the three spotlights during a show, they covered it so marvelously that nobody knew. They learned the cues for lights amazingly quickly. Andrea has also done lights for AVPM both this year and for other past productions, Teresa is in her first year with the club and stars as Hermione in the Harry Potter specials, and Katie will appear for the first time as Arthur Weasley in the upcoming AVPS fundraiser production. All three have put in an incredible amount of time to participate in ticket sales, set painting, and overall morale.

And finally, a shout-out to everyone else that I have not yet mentioned here, everyone from AVPS who showed up to rehearsals for moral support and worked on set pieces and volunteered to sell tickets for a show they were not featured in, everyone in Young Frankenstein who put in extra time and found props and painted things and also lost sleep for the cause, and to all of our friends and significant others and parents who supported us.

Roll credits!


A Very Potter Musical:

Michael Hanson as Harry Potter

Bradley Charles as Ronald Weasley

Teresa Coe as Hermione Granger

Maddie Corbette as Ginny Weasley

Miranda Hanson as Draco Malfoy

Sebastian Nicholson as Professor Severus Snape

Rylee Spencer as Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Jeremy Komlos as Professor Quirinus Quirrell

Neil Brooks as Lord Voldemort

Tierney Watkinson as Vincent Crabbe

Jordan Frizzley as Gregory Goyle

Erin Sawatzky as Neville Longbottom

Dylan Henry as Cedric Diggory

Laura Smith as Cho Chang

Keone Gourlay as Lavender Brown

Sarah Green as Bellatrix Lestrange and generic Ravenclaw lass

Directed by Veronica Church

Lights: Tim Hiller, Jackson Talbot, Andrea Lenardt

Piano: Carmen Campbell

*Special (surprise) appearance of Erica Callewaert as Pansy Parkinson

A Very Potter Sequel:

Michael Hanson as Harry Potter

Bradley Charles as Ronald Weasley

Teresa Coe as Hermione Granger

Jeremy Komlos as Remus Lupin, James Potter, and Train Station Guy

Sebastian Nicholson as Snape, Snape, Severus Snape

Rylee Spencer as Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Neil Brooks as Dolores Umbridge

Veronica Church as Draco Malfoy

Miranda Hanson as Lucius Malfoy

Marina Day as Yaxley, Scarfie, and the Sorting Hat

Maddie Corbette as Ginny Weasley and Seamus Finnigan

Katie Hansen as Arthur Weasley

Sarah Green as Molly Weasley and Lily Evans

Melanie Bellwood as Dean Thomas and Hedwig

Keone Gourlay as Neville Longbottom and a Death Eater

Tierney Watkinson as Vincent Crabbe

Jordan Frizzley as Gregory Goyle and a Death Eater

Laura Smith as Cho Chang and a Death Eater

Lluvia Lopez as Agnes, Candy Lady, and a Death Eater

Directed by Neil Brooks


The New Mel Brooks Musical Young Frankenstein:

Colton Fitzsimmons as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein

Jordan Frizzley as The Monster

Bradley Charles as Igor

Jasmine Eadie as Inga

Keone Gourlay as Elizabeth Benning

Rylee Spencer as Frau Blücher

Shawn Caldera as Inspector Hans Kemp and Fancy Dancer

Tierney Watkinson as Harriet the Hermit, Villager, Student,  Ancestor, Fancy Dancer, and Tasha Hair

Dylan Henry as Dr. Victor von Frankenstein, Villager, Student, Tap Dancer, and Dracula

Cassy Thummerer as a  Villager, Student, Fancy Dancer, Tap Dancer, and Ancestor

Miranda Hanson as Ship Steward, Villager, Student, Ancestor, Tap Dancer, and Sasha Makeup

Lluvia Lopez as Ziggy/Mr or Mrs Hilltop, Shoe-Shine Man, Student, and Ancestor

Maddie Corbette as the Herald, Villager, Student, Tap Dancer, and Ancestor

Laura Smith as Telegraph Reader, Villager, Student, Ancestor, Fancy Dancer, Tap Dancer, and Masha Nails

Carmen Campbell as Villager, Student, Ancestor, Fancy Dancer, and Tap Dancer

Veronica Church as Villager, Student, Ancestor, Fancy Dancer, Tap Dancer, and Basha Wardrobe

Neil Brooks as Ziggy/Mr. Hilltop, Bob the Astrologer, Fancy Dancer, and Tap Dancer


Directed by Veronica Church and Neil Brooks

Choreography by Jasmine Eadie and Veronica Church

Stage Managing by Jackson Talbot

Sound by Tim Hillier

Music Direction by Rylee Spencer

Set Design by Bradley Charles

Lights by Andrea Lenardt, Teresa Coe, and Katie Hansen