UNBC Musical Productions: Into the New Year

Tierney Watkinson | News Director

The UNBC Musical Productions Club is gearing up for a new round of shows. Auditions have already been held and the club executives are in the process of selecting the right actors and actresses for each character.

This year, the main production will be Into The Woods, and the special short production will be Spamalot.

Into The Woods provides a spin on many classic fairy tales. The original musical production was created by Stephen Sondheim (also known for Sweeney Todd and West Side Story), but some may be more familiar with the film adaptation from 2014, which notably starred Meryl Streep and multiple other well-known actors. Into The Woods follows the story of a married couple as they meet and influence fairytale characters, all in their quest to end a witch’s curse and begin their own family.

Those familiar with Monty Python will recognize most of the plot of Spamalot, which happens to be a musical stage adaptation of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The play, like the film, parodies Arthurian Legend.

Spamalot will be presented at the end of November this year, and Into The Woods will be featured from the middle through the end of March.

Keep an eye out for updates on the UNBC Musical Productions Facebook page.