Trick or Treat?

Alexandra Tuttosi | Team Member

Halloween is the best time of year because you can scare the stress right out of your mind. Movies are a great way to do that. Though there are many other scary movies that could be added to this list, these ones have a Halloween theme to them that not all scary movies provide. So, whether you like to trick those around you or treat yourself to something sweet, here are some great movies to get you in the Halloween spirit.

1) Stephen King’s IT (1990 or 2017).

In this terrifying movie, an unexpected danger lurks in the town known as Derry. The town’s parents try to protect their kids by enforcing a 7pm curfew; little do they know the real danger their kids are in. The story follows a group of kids who piece together what has been going on in their town. What they discover is more terrifying then they ever imagined. A clown named Pennywise.

2) Casper (1995).

In this feel good film Kat realizes the importance of friendship; even if that friend is a ghost named Casper. Kat and her father travel around the country to help spirits find peace, before heading to the other side. Their job was easy compared to the three ghosts, Stretch, Fatso, and Stinkie, who love scaring humans for fun. While Kat’s father works with Stretch, Fatso, and Stinkie, Kat and Casper begin a friendship, which leads to a noble sacrifice by Casper.

3) Beetlejuice (1988).

After the death of a couple, a family moves into their house — little do they know the dead couple are still living there. To get the living out of their house, Barb and Adam call upon a ghost with an unusual gift: the ability to scare anyone. This ghost’s name is Beetlejuice. During his efforts, Adam and Barb realize what a horrible mistake they’ve made calling upon Beetlejuice. With the help of a human companion, Lydia, Barb and Adam get to ‘live’ in peace.

4) Stephen King’s The Shining (1980).

After staying at a secluded hotel, Stephen King got the idea to write this mind twisting thriller. In this film Jack Nicholson plays a writer named Jack, who agrees to look after the Stanley Hotel during the winter months. Little does he know what isolation does to the human mind. During his time at the Hotel Jack isolates himself from his family to write his novel; however, the longer he is alone, the more he loses his mind. Jack’s son Danny has a secret of his own; his friend Tony. Though Tony cannot be seen, he still manages to help Danny when he needs him the most.

5) Sleepy Hollow (1999).

Halloween is not the same without jack-o-lanterns, which is why this movie is on my Halloween list. During this period movie, Ichabod Crane is sent to a town called Sleepy Hollow, to piece together murders that have been occurring, unaware of the danger that lurks there. Shortly upon arrival, Ichabod is told the tale of the headless horseman, who chopped off heads of enemies in battle when alive, and now takes heads of the living as revenge for losing his head. During his journey, Ichabod finds the gateways between the living and the dead and must use it to stop the horseman before anyone else dies.

6) The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993).

This classic brings together Halloween and Christmas in a creepy way. The main character, Jack, learns that there is more to a year than just Halloween; thanks to his dog Zero and Sally. The movie opens with other characters singing a song about their town, during which they say, “All hail the pumpkin king” showing Jack’s importance within the town. When three troublemakers  kidnap Santa Claus, Jack can finally get the answers he was seeking. The moral of these movies, if you are sent somewhere don’t go without asking questions; or you too might go crazy.