Top four Ways to Meet New Year’s Fitness Goals

Top four Ways to Meet New Year’s Fitness Goals

By Adam Vickers, Sports Editor

With the new year people always start flocking to the gym, crowding both equipment and the all-familiar hamster wheels (treadmills). The question is how do we keep these goals within reach? Every year the gym is packed in January and suddenly in February is empty. Here are the top 4 ways to keep to your New Year’s fitness goals.

1. Eat Your Vegetables. One of the best ways to lose weight is eat more vegetables, which are essential to a healthy diet and help curb a big appetite. Vegetables provide essential nutrient for the body and don’t carry any carbs, therefore, vegetables can be eaten in large portions and won’t cause weight gain. The more vegetables, the better!

2. Set Reasonable Short Term Goals. A big problem people run into when they set their New Year resolutions is that they set yearlong goals and try to achieve them within a month. Setting reasonable short term goals help a person see the progress of their labour, which is important to reaching any goal. Without progress, we do not go anywhere.

3. Let People Know Your Goals. Letting people know what your short term or long-term goals helps keep a person liable for reaching personal goals. People often feel pressure to complete a task much more often when they know that others will be watching to see if they actually achieve these goals. It also lets people see that a person is trying to reach fitness goals and others will often give moral support to those that are at least sticking with it.

4. Have a Plan. Having a plan is the most important thing to have when trying to meet fitness goals. Often people go in without a plan and a few days later get bored and leave. Having a plan helps track progress; helps develop a routine, and helps keep you on track. Tracking progress is important to see that one is actually getting work done. Developing a routine makes it easier for a person to go to the gym because it is part of the schedule. Missing the

gym becomes more difficult, because you feel guilty if you miss a workout. All the previous factors contribute to help a person stay on track because a plan is a plan and to abandon the plan is to fail reaching fitness goals.

Following these simple ideas it shouldn’t be to long before reaching those 2014 New Year’s fitness goals. Just remember to why you are doing this and what you will get out of this in the end. Health is the pathway to a better life. Health is a product of being fit and being fit is a product of hard work and determination. Hard work and determination made easier by the tips about and hopefully those New Year’s fitness goals will be reached in the near future rather than later.