To a Woman

Emmanuel Drame | Distribution Coordinator

Cheers from the heart, no crowd

He is on his own stage

One that is fenced with her

He believes in the character of his plot

Although the facts say otherwise


If only she was there for the many times,

He rustled and tumbled alone with his thoughts

He wished words would not limit his expression

He wished she knew she occupied him all day

In his mind, they’re the end before there’s even a beginning


If desperation didn’t mean he was desperate,

She’ll know she is his every moment

If a sceptre was his wand, he’d wave it at her

To live a dream most times only realistic in his heart

He never fancies himself as she might think

Everything meaningful he does, is a guess in the hope of the best outcome


If she was a game of Blackjack,

She would realize, he’s at a game of cards without cards

From a man to a woman,

We are whatever or whomever you think we are

In absentia, you are always present!