Things to do now that you are at university

So it is your first year of university, or you are returning for another fall semester, and some of you are probably wondering how to get into the swing of things. Here at Over the Edge, we thought we would come up with some suggestions to try and help you address those first day jitters, find your niche at UNBC, or perhaps add a boost to your resume:


1. Join a Club

Clubs are a great way to meet new friends and get involved with the community at UNBC. Club members often work together to throw events and fundraisers which support worthwhile causes, and contribute to making UNBC a fun, social place to be. It also looks really good to have a club (or two, or three…) on your resume. It shows potential employers and prospective graduate schools that you are a well-rounded person with a wide array of interests. Plus, UNBC has enough clubs to fit everybodys interests: from Dance Club, Cycling Club, and Men’s and Women’s Rugby Clubs, to Students for a Green University which works towards making the campus more sustainable; everything from the Nerdy Gaming Club to clubs with a global impact like WUSC and Free the Children. A great time to check out all the clubs on offer at UNBC and see what fits for you is on Clubs Days from September 11th to 12th in the Winter Garden.


2. Attend events

Even if you do not want to commit to joining a club, attending events is a great way to find your feet at UNBC. Whether you are focused on academic gaming, socializing, local foods, crafts, music, dancing, or all of the above, there are events for you. A few exciting events coming up in the next month include the Backyard BBQ on September 6th, which takes place on the lawn of UNBC just outside the Thirsty Moose, featuring bands, barbecue and beer (for those of you over nineteen). It is a fun way to get to know people and listen to some local music. September 14th is Shinerama, a cross Canada fundraiser that takes place at more than 60 campuses, raising money for Cystic Fibrosis research. Students shine shoes, wash cars, and host bottle drives. The event is mandatory for UNBC clubs so if you have just joined a club you might find yourself shining shoes and making new friends before you know it!


3. Volunteer

There are a lot of great opportunities to volunteer at UNBC or around Prince George. UNBC hosts a volunteer fair every year so you can check out your options then. Or, if you really want to get involved right away, google “Volunteer Prince George” and you will find links to agencies and events around town. There is also a volunteer opportunities section on the UNBC website for those of you looking for ways to help out on campus. One volunteer opportunity the we, the team at Over the Edge, love to see people take advantage of is writing for the school paper (not that Over the Edge is biased). It is a great chance to hone your writing skills and see your name in print. Just contact our volunteer coordinator, Tyson Kelsall at to submit your ideas and get involved with Over the Edge.  


4. Get a Job (you bum!)

Looking for a way to pay for groceries, cover rent, or just go out on Saturday night? Nuggs and UNBC offer a variety of job searches that will boost your resume, teach you valuable skills, and line your pockets, all at the same time. Plus, for those of you living in dorms, it cannot get more convenient than walking down the hall to work. Working at the Thirsty Moose as a cook, server, or security person; or whipping up coffees as a barista at Degrees Coffee Co.; getting a job at UNBC is also a great way to be front and centre for events on campus. Check out to see current postings.


5. Join a Sports team

For those athletes attending UNBC, the Northern Sports Centre is a great place to stay in shape and avoid essays or lab reports throughout the year (not that Over the Edge condones procrastination). UNBC also offers a variety of team sports, such as basketball, co-ed soccer, floor ball, and volleyball.

Whatever you end up doing this year, try to take advantage of the opportunities you have now. Be young, have fun, and make friends that you can hold on to for life. The memories and relationships you make today may just last a lifetime. What you are learning right now is not just how to pass your classes; you are learning life skills, and a new way of understanding the world around you. Take chances, dive right in, and learn all you can, because it is easier than you think.