The Super Bowl: Tailgating, and Halftime

The Super Bowl: Tailgating, and Halftime

By Adam Vickers, Sports Editor

The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year in the US because, a) it is football, the biggest American pastime, and b) it is an extravagant commercialized event used to show off American capitalism.

For Americans, tailgating is essential to attending any football game, be it college or professional. In the US, tailgating does not mean that a group of people pull out a barbeque and have a few beers; tailgating is a major part of attending any football game. People who participate in tailgating are often the hardcore fans who have been with the team since their birth. What are the essentials of tailgating, and what makes tailgating so much fun?Like fans from Star Wars or Star Trek, tailgaters are dressed to the nines with team gear and face paint. Tailgates are often set up as big trailers, with each one having its own unique spin on the team.

This year, the Super Bowl halftime show features Bruno Mars, a top 40 artist, and rock legends Red Hot Chili Peppers. The two acts should put on a great show.

This year, as with others, to get a couple minutes of commercial time during the Super Bowl costs millions of dollars. There is a lot to be said of the US and about how they run things, but if you have to enjoy one thing the US has to offer the Super Bowl is it. The Super Bowl is truly American with its patriotic beginnings, its industrial surroundings, and its national pride in a game that has helped shape America. People from all over North America will tune in on 2 February to watch what should be, as always, a great show.