The Price should be right for Blue Jays

Brady Stark | Contributor

A mere month removed from making their spectacular run in the MLB playoffs, the Blue Jays are looking a little worse for wear. First, there young stud of a GM decides that he wants to take his talents out of Toronto to a yet to be determined organization. Next, they lose Mark Buehrle, Dioner Navarro, and David Price to free agency. The latter of those three has to be the most puzzling of them, after all, Buehrle is getting up there in age and Navarro wants to be the main guy behind the plate instead of backing up Russell Martin. David Price just finished second in Cy Young voting to the Houston Astros ace Keuchel, and is poised and driven to do even better next year. Price was a dominant force in the regular season, but faltered a little in the playoffs, which lowered his value only slightly. Now, to the rant. I am perplexed as to why the Blue Jays would not try to go hard after Price to make sure that he is their ace next season. There is no one in free agency that wants to come to Toronto as badly as him, as well as, no one that will bring in the fans to every game like he can. Every time Price stepped onto the mound at the Rogers Center, the crowds lled in and they went bananas. To know that you have an almost guaranteed win every time he steps onto the eld will be a relief to every Jays fan from coast-to-coast. Seriously, what is the problem with Rogers? They have all the money in the world. They basically own Canada, especially Canadian sports. They made a ton of money last year with the run that they went on. I know that the length of the contract will be a problem with ownership due to the fact that Price will be looking for his “career contract”, therefore the term will be near the 10 year mark. Asides from the length of the contract, there should be nothing else to hold up negotiations. Price is 30 years old; ownership should front-load the contract so that when Price gets to 38-40, there will be less of a financial risk. Another reason for the Jays to make it a priority to win the Price sweepstakes is the notion that if they don’t, then one of their divisional rivals might snatch him up. One of the front runners to get Price is the Boston Red Sox.

Since I am a Red Sox fan and have been for about 20 years, seeing Price in Red and White would give me great satisfaction. Despite my allegiance to Beantown, I am still very frustrated with Jays management and their willingness to throw a Cy Young pitcher away. Price deserves the money that he will command on the market; the Jays (or Red Sox) better be the team to get the coveted left-hander. The Jays will make their worst mistake in years if they do not sign David Price.