The Power of a Good Reputation

The Power of a Good Reputation

by Nicole Halseth

Move over Vancouver, it seems Toronto is carrying the dubious honour of being the most reputable city in Canada.

In spite of making headlines recently for their wayward mayor, Toronto has been named the second most reputable city in the world. This is somewhat surprising as bigger cities typically do not do very well in the rankings. For example, New York was ranked 21st, while Beijing come in at 82nd.

Toronto falls just under Sydney, Australia, which managed to get the top spot as the most reputable city in the world. This study was conducted by the Reputation Institute; a consultancy firm that recently polled 22, 000 consumers via online interviews between January and February of 2013, in countries belonging to the G8. Obviously, the limited polling scale limits the integrity of the results somewhat, but Toronto nevertheless gains international fame for its ‘good reputation.’ This fame will likely come with a boost to the city’s tourism, trade, and foreign investment.

Just last year, this title was awarded to Vancouver after the Institute named it the most reputable city in the world. However, this year, Vancouver has fallen to number 14 on the list of reputable cities. Montreal also made this list in the 18th spot, right before Amsterdam.

The list of criteria used for judging the reputability of a city in the study included such considerations as: economy, appealing environment, and effective government. Under the category of the economy, considerations include: production of unique and well respected products and services, whether or not leading companies and corporations make their headquarters there, and whether it is business friendly with the potential for stable, future growth. Under appealing environment, considerations include: physical beauty of the city, as well as a variety of available experiences, and the arts and culture scene. In the last criteria, effective government, considerations include: whether the city offers a safe environment to all residents and visitors, as well as political structure, institutions, policies, and infrastructure. Whether the city is run by well-respected leaders also falls under this last category. Given the recent press notable leaders of Toronto have garnered, the results are even more surprising. Toronto must be an exceptionally beautifully and economically prosperous city.

The full list of the top ten most reputable cities in the world, as per this study, is: Sydney, Toronto, Stockholm, Vienna, Venice, Edinburgh, Zurich, Florence, London, and Copenhagen.

The Institute also expanded on its rankings. Toronto is apparently the best city in the world to work in, the second best place in terms of where people would want to live, and the seventh most attractive place for investment. It was not, however, in the top ten for places people would want to visit. That predicted boost in tourism can not come soon enough, apparently.

If Prince George was included in this list of reputable cities, there can be no doubt we would place exceptionally high. Given where Toronto has managed to land, Prince George would do very well indeed.

Congratulations Toronto!