The Pain and The Beauty in Prima Vera

Chris Trump | Contributor


In the case of Prima Vera

The pain like a turbulent spring flows first

But, if you persevere such a flow

And seek the meaning of it and its sense

No matter how twisted its current be

Then the beauty comes in full to thee

Like the rising sun and the stars

But, if you stop before you see them

And focus only on the pain

Then the beauty is gone

No sun, no stars, only the pain

But, if you do not stop and persevere …


Then the tears of sorrow, or nastiness

Will change to the tears of joy

And you will be like the lush olive tree

Offering an anointing with its oil

And the crown of shadow on top

The prophet Hosea knew it all along

When he said: “His beauty shall be like

The olive tree.”* Do you see beyond your pain?

Or do you focus on it, whether it is yours or not

Pain is pain; but, on the other side, beauty is truth

“That is all.. Ye need to know.”** Keats says so.

*Hosea 14.6;  ** Ode on a Grecian Urn 5.49,50