The Migration of Food

The Migration of Food

by Sarah Jackson

 As a province founded by gold miners and railroad workers interacting with First Nations culture, British Columbia is now home to an incredibly diverse range of cultural groups. These groups are made up of many individuals who practise many wonderful traditions, one of which is particularly close to everybody’s heart regardless of their cultural origin; food!

BC is not  home to only the descendants of European immigrants; it is a region full to bursting with cultural diversity. This diversity includes people who can trace their roots back to every continent on earth, as well as the original inhabitants of the region; more than 40 major First Nations groups call BC home, each with their own specific customs, cultural practices, and unique cuisine. According to the hellobc website, Chinese and Punjabi are the most spoken languages in this province after English. The website adds that BC also contains sizable German, Italian, Japanese, and Russian communities; these each bring unique cuisines and customs to our multi-ethnic province.

What does this mean for students at UNBC? Prince George has a reputation as an isolated, resource-based city, nine hours from anywhere. However, it is also home to a variety of culturally diverse restaurants which demonstrate the extent of the city’s diverse population. Newcomers to the city might not realize that there are nine independent sushi restaurants in Prince George. Or that Spicy Greens, which provides butter chicken at the University Farmers Market, has two locations, one in the Hart and the other in College Heights.

In fact, there are Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Persian, Greek, African, and Canadian restaurants in Prince George. In addition to the usual selection of greasy fast food, and fast pizza places, downtown Prince George is also rife with cosy cafes, bookshops, and boutiques. If you are looking to spend whatever is leftover in your bank account after books and tuition, take the bus downtown and explore. You might just find yourself learning something about another culture at the same time.