The Masthead


Hello and welcome back to year 2013 2014 at the University of Northern British Columbia. I am happy to be back for my second year at the helm of Over the Edge newspaper.

You, the students, pay for our newspaper and with that in mind, you deserve a quality product. I cannot guarantee that the content we will be publishing this year will not offend you, upset you or make you want to sacrifice the paper to the god of war and seek revenge. Journalism is neither safe nor boring. This was the model we set last year and we are sticking to it. Our content will offer perspectives and judgments from multiple angles and will be a voice to whomever wants to listen. Our publication is a student news platform for everyone. Over the Edge is committed to bringing the readers a variety of topics, issues, and opinions. So please, get angry, get passionate, and get involved. It is your voice that matters and we want you to be able to share it.

Frankly, I cannot force you to read the paper, nor can anyone else. You have to want to read Over the Edge because you know the articles and submissions will be of value and of interest to you. Over the Edge is a public forum. This boils down quite simply to, “if you have something to say, let us publish it!” This production is a team based venture, and that team includes you! Our newspaper relies on you, it always has, and it always will.

Last year, Over the Edge saw a complete editorial and structural redesign. While many concerns and conflicts were quelled thanks to Over the Edge’s revamp last year, new battles were fought as a result of the drastic changes being made. These changes, which had a lot to do with my leadership and decision making, caused an extreme amount of tension and could have been dealt with more successfully if at the time, I had had previous experience on how to manage a team effectively and empathetically. Challenges aside, our team was able to establish an official non-partisan board of directors, drastically improve the print and online design of Over the Edge newspaper. We wrote an official policy manual, revised our constitution to be of legal standard, and drafted a two year comprehensive budget model.  Along with all of these changes, we devoted ourselves to consistently providing the readership with a long list of thought-provoking content.

 This year’s editorial team is practical, efficient, and professional and we are equally as enthusiastic to further elevate our newspaper’s reputation. It is for these reasons I am confident that Over the Edge newspaper will only continue to improve. I will not stop learning for (or from) the team I work with. I am honoured to have worked with last year’s team and I am incredibly excited to see what our current team can do in the issues to come. Thank you for standing by us through everything and I hope you choose to get more involved with us this year.


Sincerely, Shelley Termuende, Editor-In-Chief/Publisher