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The Comeback Kid: Anderson Silva May Be Set to Return to UFC

The Comeback Kid: Anderson Silva May Be Set to Return to UFC

By Laura Mooney, Arts Editor

He may be down, but he will definitely never be out. After suffering what would seemingly be a career ending leg break during a scheduled middleweight championship fight with Chris Weidman in December of 2013, reports have begun to circulate that UFC legend Anderson Silva is considering returning to the world famous octagon later this year. The brutal fight, in which Silva suffered a broken left tibia and fibula, was considered to be one of the most brutal in all of UFC history, with one of the worst injuries every sustained by a fighter. Every person watching the fight at the time assumed the horrible break would be the end to the ten-time champion’s career. Even UFC

CEO Dana White was not completely sure if one of his star fighters would ever come back to the sport. As of the end of January 2014, rumors have begun to swirl around Silva’s return to UFC as soon as the end of the year. Silva’s correspondents have released comments stating that Silva’s leg is healing properly and he was even asking when he could train again mere hours after his surgery. Silva’s manager went so far as to say that Silva will return and is already eyeing up his next opponents. This decision however is causing some big names in the UFC world to raise their eyebrows and question whether or not this is the right decision for the seasoned fighter to make. UFC commentator Joe Rogan openly discussed his opposition to Silva’s comeback while appearing as guest on the SiriusXM Opie and Anthony radio talk show. Rogan stated that since the leg would now be a known weak spot to Silva’s opponents, he would be at a massive disadvantage if he stepped into the octagon once again. He went on to say that his opponents would look to target the leg, risking a break once again. Fellow fighter Jon Jones also believes that Silva would be making a huge mistake by fighting once again. Jones stated that Silva has been a huge inspiration to many fighters and should continue to be an inspiration, just from outside of the octagon as a motivational speaker, and says he is praying that Silva will stay away from the sport from now on.

On the other hand, once hearing the news that Silva’s recovery was going well, Dana White released a statement expressing that he did expect the UFC superstar to be back fighting by the end of 2014. In an interview with Sportsnation, White expressed how exceptionally well Silva was doing with his recovery, and believed that even though he was not, at this point, walking yet, he expected him to be back training in as little as six months. Despite the debate that has risen up around Silva’s return to the UFC, Silva has proven in the past to be a man full of surprises, and he still has the opportunity to shock us all with the decision he may make. Overall it may come down to what his boss, Dana White, urges him to do, but here is hoping that Silva’s choice is for the better, and will not end up in another tragic accident.