TEDxUNBC Call For Speakers

Sam Wall | Editor In Chief


This past Monday, the call was put out for speakers for TEDxUNBC. The event, occurring on September 30th, will take inspiration directly from TED and other similarly inspired events, called TEDx. The theme for UNBC’s conference will be dispelling misconceptions, giving speakers the opportunity to demonstrate what Prince George has to offer. The conference will be the first of its kind at UNBC.

The goal of TEDxUNBC is to highlight the incredible talent and knowledge held within UNBC and the wider Prince George community. The theme of dispelling misconceptions is a fitting one, as residents are quite familiar with the common of misconceptions of their city. From most dangerous city in Canada to daily pulp mill smells, residents are used to pointing out the benefits of Prince George, such as exciting research being done at UNBC or ease of access to wilderness and outdoor recreation. TEDxUNBC will be an excellent opportunity for anyone who is passionate about their university and city community to share it with the world.

Grant Bachand, President and Curator of TEDxUNBC says “TED is such an important part of our world these days. UNBC is a leader too. It only makes sense that we would organize a TED-like event using the TEDx platform to make something special. It is also encouraging to have UNBC stand behind such an important project like this.” The conference has garnered support from UNBC, with President Dr. Daniel Weeks stating “UNBC welcomes the opportunity to support the student organizers in hosting TEDxUNBC where new and inspiring ideas will be shared in a friendly, inclusive learning environment. This is the latest example of how our student leaders are contributing to the betterment of our campus and community.”

Most people have been exposed to TED Talks in one way or another, as the popular videos have spread through classrooms and social media alike. If you have not heard of TED, check out some of their short, powerful talks from leading thinkers and doers from all over the world. Most of these talks take place at TED’s annual conference in Vancouver, where the non-profit organization is dedicated to “Ideas Worth Spreading.” TEDx events are those that are not directly organized by TED, but maintain a similar spirit of idea sharing through powerful talks. TED provides guidance to organizers, ultimately leaving it in their hands to facilitate deep discussion and connection. Because TEDx events are locally organized, they are influenced by the unique flavour of each place.

Conference organizers are accepting speaker applications until May 31st. All interested candidates must go through a three-phase process, beginning by submitting an application to www.tedxunbc.com/speakers, explaining how their potential talk dispels a misconception, and why it should be told. Phase 2 involves the creation of a three-minute video, and those shortlisted for phase 3 will audition for the TEDxUNBC Speaker Selection Committee. For more details, please visit www.tedxunbc.com. All community members are encouraged by TEDxUNBC organizers to put forward their talk idea.