Sustainability Representative

Raychill Snider

Raychill is a 4th year Environmental Studies Major originally hailing from Ottawa, Ontario. Raychill chose to attend UNBC because of its mantra of being Canada’s Green University. Over her years spent here in Prince George, she has immersed herself into the green community that UNBC offers, having spent time as co-president of the club Students for a Green University, manager of the SGU Dome Greenhouse, the Green Resident Assistant, and the Sustainability Representative on the NUGSS board for the past school year. She loves supporting the local and unique amenities that UNBC offers, and she can often be seen hanging out at the Farmers’ Market, picking up a good food box, or enjoying a nice cold sleeve of Canterbury (or two) at The Thirsty Moose Pub.

Raychill did spent the past year on the NUGSS board, and during that time she spearheaded a number of new initiatives to benefit students on campus. One of her major accomplishments was the introduction of UFM Bucks, allowing students to use their meal cards at the Farmers’ Market. Her other work consisted of helping develop the NUGSS Foodbank to address food security on campus, and running the “Green Campus Crash Course” to show what it means be a part of Canada’s Green University. Over the year, Raychill also worked to ensure that the highest yield of produce from the SGU Dome Greenhouse was served at the Thirsty Moose Pub to date, a project that she has been working on since her very first semester at UNBC.

In the latter half of the year, she spent much of her time working on general NUGSS initiatives aimed at solving some of the financial struggles that NUGSS faces moving forward, such as sitting on the Board Structure Investigation Committee. Overall, she has proven to take her role seriously, and has been a very vocal member of the current board, constantly voicing concerns and trying to look inwards at NUGSS considering things from the student perspective.

Environmental sustainability is a huge interest for Raychill, and a notion that influences her daily choices and habits. From her past experiences at UNBC and strong relationships with various members and groups at the university, she is able to offer a comprehensive perspective to the Sustainability role on the NUGSS board. She is constantly advocating on behalf of students’ interests, and actively tries to engage with them to figure out how to best work for and represent them, continuously aware that the position she is seeking is made possible and paid for by the students that make up UNBC.