Super Bowl 48

Super Bowl 48

By Adam Vickers, Sports Editor

Now that the 2014 NFL playoffs are coming to an end, only two teams remain; the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. The two teams have been at the top of the league all season and feature all pro talent from top to bottom of their line up. The Broncos have the league’s best offence, and the Seahawks feature the league’s best defence. On 2 February, the two teams will face off in the 48th Super Bowl, located in New York City. The match will test both teams’ strengths and weaknesses.

The Broncos, with their league-leading offence, are headed by quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning had a record season this year, putting up huge passing numbers on every team they played this year. The offence has a number of weapons, from receivers Eric Decker and Damaryius Thomas, to running back Knowshon Mareno. Peyton is a QB of legendary status, looking to get his second Super Bowl ring. Many have labelled Manning as the best QB in the league; with the numbers he put up this year, there is little doubt about that. Although the team is strong offensively, they were not the strongest defensive team in the league allowing 254 pass yards (27th worse in the NFL). The Broncos have been able to out-score any problems on defence, but when facing the number one defensive team in the league, it will be interesting to see if the offence can put up the numbers to win them a Super Bowl. If the Broncos can hold off the Seahawks’ offence and find a way to move the ball past the Seahawks strong defence, they will have a good opportunity to win the Super Bowl.

On defence for the Seahawks, look for cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas III to have a big game, attempting to hold off the pass attack from Peyton Manning. Offensively, the Seahawks have, this season, been fairly consistent with QB Russell Wilson and running back Marshawn Lynch. Wilson has not had the greatest numbers this post-season, but has only turned over the ball once in post-season. Lynch has put up solid numbers running the ball, rushing for over 100 yards against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship, who had not allowed over 100 yards rushing all season. For the Seahawks to win, they need to have a strong game both defensively and offensively. Look for the offence to move the ball, conservatively rushing Lynch as much as possible and letting Wilson move the ball efficiently down the field. The x-factor for the Seahawks coming into the super bowl will be Percy Harvin, who has been out nearly all season with an injury, only making an appearance in two games all year. Harvin is a dynamic slot receiver who can open up the offence for the Seahawks, allowing for Lynch to break free, and make big runs and big plays down field for receiver Baldwin and Golden Tate.

The showdown will be a long battle, and will surely not disappoint, Manning and Wilson are two very different QB’s who will use different ways to win. The battle of the titans, one offensive titan and one defensive titan, will surely be a spectacle that you won’t want to miss