Students for a Green University: Learn and Grow Sustainably

Alex Naudi | SGU President

Students for a Green University (SGU) is a Student Led Organisation (SLO) whose goal is to make UNBC more environmentally sustainable through student led actions, and to build community among sustainably-minded students, staff, and faculty. Everyone is welcome to come to our weekly meetings or check out our meeting minutes to keep up to date on projects, volunteer opportunities, and fun events! To kick off this year, we are organizing a campus wide cleanup at the end of September, so come out, meet some cool people, and make our campus beautiful.


SGU has started a divestment campaign at UNBC. Last fall, we sent a letter to the Board of Governors (BOG) at UNBC urging them to consider divesting the endowment fund from fossil fuel investments. The BOG requested we write a formal proposal outlining exactly what we mean by divesting and what actions should be taken to start the process. This formal proposal was sent last January, and unfortunately SGU has still not received a formal response. By joining the ranks of Laval, Harvard, the country of Ireland, and the city of New York (to name a few associations that have divested their funds from fossil fuels), we can help lead the charge against pollution and become Canada’s “Truly” Green University. Contact for more information, or if you are interested in volunteering with the campaign.  


One of our student-led projects is the SGU Dome Greenhouse, where our goal is to explore and educate students on how to sustainably grow produce in Northern climates. This is made possible with the help of many student volunteers maintaining the garden and selling produce to businesses on campus. The greenhouse is also a great outlet for students to conduct research projects. This year, we are building a compost heating system that will harness the heat generated in the decomposition of organic material to maintain growing temperatures all year long. Contact for more information, or if you are interested in volunteering with the Dome.