Student Athlete Interview with Tiffany Bennett

Where did you grow up?

Hazelton, BC.

 Have you been playing soccer from a young age?

Surprisingly enough, no. I only started when I was in high school.

 What’s your best soccer memory?

When I was in grade 12, on my high school soccer team, we made it to provincials in Victoria, it was such a fun trip. We stayed in the UVic dorms. I was captain of the team, and we won half our games in provincials which was pretty surprising for such a small town team.

 Were there still bunnies on the UVic campus at that point? I know they did a cull a few years ago down there.

We didn’t see any actually, but I have friends at UVic and they say that they’re still there.

 How did you find your way onto the UNBC soccer team? Were you recruited? Were you on your way to UNBC and walked onto the team?

I really love playing soccer, and so when I decided to come to UNBC I looked up the coach and emailed him, and asked when tryouts were. I showed up early for three weeks of pre-season training and ended up making the team, and now I’m back for my second year!

 So you definitely played your way on; you wanted to play UNBC soccer.

Yeah, I definitely wanted to play. It was a big part of coming to university, playing soccer.

 What classes are you taking here?

I’m a General Business major, with a bunch of electives as well.

 What’s your favourite class right now?

Either Marketing or English Literature.

 What’s your dream job?

The goal is to become an entrepreneur of some sort, but that’s probably pretty far down the road. I could easily see myself just becoming a professional student for the next, I don’t know, however many years.

 What’s your guilty pleasure TV show or song?

Well I don’t have time to watch TV, because I’m always playing soccer or studying it seems like.

 You can just throw Gangnam Style in.  We’ll print it – we love Gangnam Style here at Over The Edge. [Editor’s note: We really love Gangnam Style]

Yeah, go for it. Guilty pleasure? Probably unhealthy eating on my day off.

 Are you a natural midfielder, or did a coach convert you from another position?

I’ve played midfield for almost all of the time I’ve been playing soccer.

 What’s your least favourite soccer drill?

Oh, that’s tough.

 It has to be wind sprints, doesn’t it?

Well, I’m not counting that as a soccer drill. But definitely, wind sprints are not so much fun.

 On the field you wear #6. Is there a backstory behind that number?

I’ve actually always played with #9, but 6 is 9 inverted and someone else had #9, so yeah.

 How does that work, is there seniority on the team as far as uniform numbers?


 You didn’t offer to buy the number off her?

No, people are pretty particular about their jersey numbers.

 You’re a CIS athlete now; that’s a big time commitment in itself. You look at the schedule, you were in Manitoba two weeks ago and heading to Alberta in two weeks, you play every weekend.  How much on top of that do you practice?

We practice every day of the week, except for Mondays – sometimes Fridays are travel days so we get those off too. Other than that, every day. We had two weeks of pre-season training too before school started, exhibition games against some of the rep teams from the soccer academy.

 What’s your worst travel experience on a road trip?

Oh God. Last year during pre-season, we had an exhibition tournament in Edmonton. Our bus broke down in the middle of the Rockies. It was close to 30 degrees, the air conditioning didn’t work, we didn’t have food – we were stuck there for six hours while they sent another bus from Prince George.  We got into Edmonton at almost 1:00am, missed our game – it was bad.

 Tell me about the best coach you’ve had.  What did he or she do that had an impact on you on the field or off?

This year has been really great to have Andy as a coach; we actually have very good strategy this year which is something that I’ve never been taught before by my coaches. It’s definitely a big change, but I feel like it enables me to play a lot smarter than I ever have before.

 The team’s putting more thought into it now.

Yeah. It’s not so much about playing harder as it is playing smarter.

 This is your second year on the team, so you know it’s been almost a year since you guys have scored. Is that something that everyone on the team knows? If we asked some of the new players, would they know? Do you ever talk about that?

We try not to talk about last season. No, we realize we haven’t scored in a long time, but we have a really good striker this year and we’ve been getting chances.

 You hit the crossbar in the first game.

Yeah, so I feel like a goal is coming up pretty soon,  even though we have some tough opposition for the games this coming weekend.

 Let’s say you score this weekend. Is there a choreographed goal celebration that you guys have planned?

No, not yet, no.  But it’s going to be pretty eventful when it does happen. We’re going to be shocked, probably. Definitely very excited.

By Geoff Sargent

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