Smoke’s Rant: 3-on-3 Overtime

Now I have been fuming over the past couple of weeks for a plethora of reasons: McDavid getting injured, Tortorella getting another coaching gig, Eddie Lack’s terrible save percentage to name a few. Despite having the ability to go on a rant on all those topics, none of those hold a candle to my rage against the Vancouver Canucks futility in 3-on-3 overtime.

Overtime has now become one of the most exciting things to watch in any sport because of the wide open style of play that the abundance of ice offers. Every time I see a game that is going close to overtime, I cross my fingers in the hopes that I see some highlight reel saves and goals in overtime.

Unfortunately, when the Vancouver Canucks are getting close to going into overtime is just cringe because I know that the outcome is not going to work in their favour. 5 times the Canucks have gone to the extra frame with all 5 being utter disappointments. I mean come on, how the heck does the New Jersey Devils have in their lineup that can matchup with the likes of the Sedins, Vrbata, and Sutter? We have a nice balance of skill and speed that should be good for all areas of the games, even 3-on-3 hockey.

Apparently the likes of Kyle Palmieri are good enough to beat us and show that we are the absolute worst after 60 minutes. Those of you that are saying, “well the goal was on the PP” are just making an excuse for a team whose defensive leader (Hamhuis) decides he wants to get an interference penalty in overtime. Luckily for the Canucks, they rebounded with a win against the hopeless Columbus Blue jackets to mend the wounds of yet another extra point mess up.

Willie Desjardins has been putting the same people out in overtime to try and win the game because he sees that he has a set of twins that can conjure up enough magic in their sticks to give the Dumbledore brothers a run for their galleons, but unfortunately, the Sedins are usually tired when overtime comes around.

One thing that might make the difference is to get players like Dorsett or McCann some overtime ice-time due to the fact that they only play about 12 minutes per game and can skate like the wind.

It is time to try and change things up because more and more games are in the forecast for the rest of the game, so make sure that the Canucks have some options after 60 minutes and let’s see some highlight reel goals going in the back of the other team’s net.

Lastly, for the love of all the galleons in Gringotts bank, please fix the powerplay. 5th worst powerplay in the NHL is unacceptable with the offensive team and the level of talent the Canucks possess.