Sleepwalking to Brain Death

Emmanuel Drame | Team Member

A night time satellite image of planet Earth shows nothing but lights,

That’s the new image of our brains today, lights everywhere from sensory

Overload of information. Too much to process in small time frames.

Like traffic light controlled cars, we are now being hardwired to take the One-way

Route of thought. We are now served predetermined options…the debilitating thing is,

We are smart for making smart devices that have made us “smartless:” we have automated

Jobs and had courier services drop off our jobless packages.

If Descartes lived in our day, he would have to rephrase, “I think therefore I am,” to I feel

therefore I am. We have changed the sequence of the thought process for action, to feeling and

acting before thinking. The full power of the brain has been limited to the temporal lobe

because our temperament has placed our other lobes in a tertiary state. Academia, once the

bastion of mental engagement has become Fordist prototypes for the majority who see

nothing but an assembly line of jobs and an achievement of pension before assuming full Brain


For the mavericks who do not think with their feelings and hear with their eyes, they are

Usually labelled as opponents of progress or divisive figures. They have created a mental

Sieve to trap impure thoughts; they have controlled their mental traffic to take two-way

Streets with roundabouts to go in any direction. The day is here and now upon us when we live

In the future but yearn for the past because we have sleepwalked ourselves to Brain death.  

We have become so open-minded to the point of making our minds a universal portal for

Junk. Our intelligence has gotten us to where we are, but we are on the verge of questioning

Our own intelligence. From predetermined consumerism through automated advertisements,

to the same news headlines with different captions, we need to reignite the power of

objective thought to counter the effects of the brain death we are creating.

Get yourself a mental stabilizer in the form of being a critic if you have to; use your brain

For its purpose – THINK!!!!