September 12 2012

Over the Edge Meeting Agenda

  • discuss the barriers and parts that we need to improve (review of issue 1)
  • communication barriers and principals
  • finance and budgetting
  • planning for next issue
  • future business and open table for any suggestions or feedback

September 12 2012

Start time: 6:04 pm

Production Day

  • improve efficiency
    • all editors layout their own pages beforehand (draft copy)
  • 1st issue production time: 16hours, target is 4hrs
  • additional duties: reviewing completed sections for errors, attention:spelling and grammar


  • emails
    • answer within 48 hours
    • subject lines need to be clear
    • when submitting articles
      • subject line format: Submission-issues #-“section for article”
      • short type up of what the email contains. ex. one typed article and two pictures etc
      • only one article and corresponding photos per email
      • name photos : “article name” #
  • CC and on all external emails
  • communicate with Shelly about sections through emails.
    • plan for section, articles, photos
    • changes to `section, article layout, pieces


  • internal ad external emails are kept professional
  • ask for help when conflicts arise, need additional support, to solve problems etc.

Office Hours

  • Representing Over the Edge to the student body
  • housekeeping and cleanliness
  • check news board for updates from the team
  • sign up sheet for contributors
  • phone
    • take messages
    • email Shelly about message to ensure reply

How To Guide

  • write 1 page: 3 paragraphs as an intro to your position at OTE
  • start of guide, paragraph to be added weekly

Next production day (September 23)

  • goal:  noon-1:30 start to pm end
  • 6hrs*9people=54 production hours

website articles

  • send best article and corresponding photo
  • photo and paragraph write up for news real on front page
  • to Behrooz by September 13 at 8pm.
  • subject line format for web articles: Submission-web-issue #- section of article

Mapped out next issue

  • articles
  • ideas and course of action
  • advertising
    • pricing on website
    • possible local businesses: hansom cabin boy, sacred heart, books and co

Next publication day (September 26 2012)

  • 6pm meeting
    • discuss next issue, plan out
    • review old issue for improvements
    • map out next issue

Talk to classes

  • get the word out about OTE
  • looking for submissions
  • who we are, what we are doing, brief 5 mins

Meeting end: 7:06pm

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