Sep 26, 2012

Meeting Agenda

Mandatory office hours

  • Formatting of updates
  • Advertising/ rate sheet/ budget
  • Spelling/ grammar
  • Paper Layout

Meeting start: 7:08pm

Article updates

  • Email of update for Shelley
    • Friday before submission deadlines
    • bold title of article
  • At least 5 articles/issue for each section of paper

Cup conference

  • February 2013
  • Reza wants everyone to go
  • 2 day event
  • Kamloops as most possible location


  • Changes to make things clearer, each person given own space
  • Write notes to each other in personal space
  • Check daily


  • Publically available
  • See Attached Budget sheets. Please Note:
    • The Budget plan Sheet
      • Equipment and Repair: Funds used to buy new printer
      • Printing cost: based on 16 page spread
      • Travel: in case of emergency
      • All expenses have minimum amount required to maintain functioning paper
      • ATTENTION:
        • Total Expenses (forecast) = $48, 480.00
        • Total Available Funds = $40, 424.91
        • Deficit: $8, 000
      • The Expenses Sheet
        • Updated every issue
  • $8000 dollars short
    • Look into Advertisers
      • Tools for selling space
      • Rate sheet
  • NUGSS funding increase from 5 to 10 dollars
    • Funding has not increased in last 15 years
  • Improve to survive

Improvements for next issue


  • Must be present during office hours
  • Production day attendance


  • Keep unedited content out of the paper drafts, saves time on production day
  • Attach word count to the articles
  • More board involvement with social media
    • Share or tweet once a week
  • Try to make the Facebook page to be place for people to check for upcoming events


  • Too much white space
  • Too many calendars
    • Condense into one
  • CFUR schedule
  • Consistency with photo sourcing
    • Make sure it is visible
    • Use “Photo Source” in entire paper
  • CP Style Guides need to be followed
    • REZA in process of procuring newest guide

Photo formatting

  • Boarder between touching photos
  • Flush against the columns
  • When taking photos try not to get a bright background- will drown out faces

Open table

  • Funds increase
    • Should we wait or this year?
    • 3 organizations trying to improve at the same time
    • Best chance for getting it put through
    • Write an article for next issue about reasons
    • Get the word out about the cost of production
    • Fee has not increased for 15 years

Have articles for issue submitted as soon as possible

  • Minimum of 5 articles/editor
    • External content okay but 5 articles per section

Planning story board

Meeting end: 8:13 pm

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