Secure UNBC’s Sustainability Manager Position

Students for a Green University | Contributors

UNBC’s Sustainability Manager plays a key role in ensuring that we are constantly working towards a more sustainable university, and we are currently at risk of losing our Sustainability Manager indefinitely.

Maria Mercer’s Interim Sustainability Manager Position is coming to an end at the end of December, and the University still has no concrete plans for her position once her term has ended. In addition, the University has not expressed any interest in re-appointing this position. In her time here, she has done an incredible job educating herself on all the different sectors of sustainability around campus, and has become an extraordinary liaison to assist anyone in the completion of a project or initiative around campus. She has also initiated a great number of projects herself, including the “20 Days of Sustainability,” where she designed a graphic and wrote a summary of 20 different sustainability initiatives around campus. These connections build important partnerships in our community and have contributed to greater productivity for groups helping aid UNBC in meeting the goals set out in its Green Strategy.

With all the amazing work that she has done and the talent that she has brought to UNBC, we believe it would be in the best interest of the University and student body to ensure she can continue her efforts under a renewed contract or full-time position. If she is ready to move on, then proper measures must be taken to find a new Sustainability Manager as it is an extremely important role at UNBC. There are countless different groups of amazing people around UNBC working hard to make the University and this world more sustainable, therefore having a key person to connect all those people and assist in getting things off the ground is essential for us here at Canada’s Green University.

The purpose or her Interim position was to give the university time to reformulate the position to better fit UNBC’s current goals, but they have not yet achieved this objective. Please help us in encouraging her supervisors (Dan Ryan and Robert Knight) to complete this task and secure plans for the succession of the position by signing our petition. The petition can be found on the Students for a Green University (SGU) Facebook page or at the following link: