Raters of the Lost Art: Guide to the Best Books, Video Games, and Movies

Raters of the Lost Art: Guide to the Best Books, Video Games, and Movies

 by Laura Mooney

Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first edition of “Raters of the Lost Art!” In this column I will be discussing some of the great books, movies, and video games that will provide  easy entertainment during those stressful school times. Since the semester has only just begun, and many of us still have some free time, why not use it to wind down and ease into the semester with one of the most peaceful video games ever created, Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf. 

Released for the Nintendo 3DS in June, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the much-awaited continuation in the series. The last game was released over five years ago. The 3DS edition sold over 5 million units world-wide and received excellent reviews from game magazines and gamers alike.

The main goal of Animal Crossing: New Leaf is to create a prosperous town, in which you have been made the mayor. Your tasks consist of choosing which public works projects to build, initiating town ordinances, and making sure the townsfolk are content. You can also spend your time leisurely fishing in either the river or ocean, or even digging up fossils to donate to your local museum. When your character need time to wind down in the Animal Crossing world, a nightclub is provided for your character to dance their cares away. Every task presented to you in the Animal Crossing universe is calm and tranquil; it is literally the perfect way to relax after a long day at school. 

If the draw of performing relaxing tasks is not to your liking, then the townsfolk themselves may be enough to get you to play. The citizens of your town are cute, cuddly animals, each with their own unique personalities and ways of life. It becomes your task as mayor to get to know each of your fuzzy neighbors, often being asked to do them small favors, such as grabbing them a piece of fruit from a nearby tree, or making a delivery. These tasks increase your relationships and make it so even more people (ahem, animals) will want to move to your town.

From the simplistically beautiful landscape, to the hypnotic soundtrack, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is an ideal way to maintain a calm demeanor before the storm of schoolwork really sets in. Face it; once midterms come around, there will not be much time for video games, so why not play them now? Lose yourself in the Animal Crossing world, and I promise you will be a happier and calmer person all around.