Raters of the Lost Art: Goodnightmare EP

Raters of the Lost Art: Goodnightmare EP

By Laura Mooney, Arts Editor

Picture the scene; a quiet night curled up at home, glass of wine in hand, and a perfect harmony playing in the background. These are the images stirred up when first listening to the soft, melodic tones of Goodnightmare, and the emotions conjured are anything but a nightmare. From its humble beginnings in 2012, Goodnightmare has been the sole project of Prince George born and raised musician Britt Meierhofer, and has gained a loyal following as she prepares to release her first EP on 4 March 2014.

The self-titled EP, while only featuring three songs, is filled with a heavy folk tone, and contains more emotion than many other chart topping albums released this year. With her unique use of loop and effect pedals, Meierhofer is able to create symphonic sounds, as though you were listening to an entire orchestra while knowing it is only a one-woman act. The loop and effect pedals, while not widely used, enable the singer to record multiple sounds one at a time, and then play them back creating the illusion of background singers or accompanying sounds that correspond to the song. Essentially, the final product is a singular source that sounds like a full band. This tactic used by Goodnightmare produces beautifully creative sounds that lull the listener in with its depth and drama; it is difficult to believe that one very talented woman does it all.

Each track on the EP, while all consisting of a distinct folk sound, still embodies its own unique feel and distinct qualities. From the melodious “Burn Out,” to the hypnotic track entitled “No Use,” one cannot help but get a glimpse into Meierhofer’s world, and the passion that she puts into her music. It is the type of music one hears from a musician of great experience; perhaps Meierhofer has her six years of touring around Canada and the United States to thank for that.

Even the origins of Goodnightmare consist of that very same depth and drama that is put into the music, with Meierhofer crediting the creation of the band to “a bottle of Shiraz and a book of lyrics” all during one dark, and very productive night. While any band whose origin story begins with a bottle of wine is bound to be great, the fact that Goodnightmare is from our very own city makes it even better. Although Meierhofer left Prince George not long after graduating high school, she has chosen her hometown as host to her EP release party, where her talents will no doubt be showcased for music lovers from all over town. So on 4 March 2014, experience Goodnightmare in person at Nancy O’s, and settle in for a night of relaxation and great local folk music from a very talented local woman.