PG PIRG’s Radical Poetry Night

Tierney Watkinson | News Director

(Tierney Watkinson |OTE)

The Radical Voices Poetry Night showcased a number of local, extremely talented poets.

The event was hosted by PG PIRG (Prince George Public Interest Research Group) at the Thirsty Moose Pub on January 30, from 7pm to 10pm.

PG PIRG is led, funded, and maintained by student leadership. It is an independent, non-profit society that aims to promote political and social change for the better, including healthy and more sustainable living.

Sam Wall, PG PIRG board member, opened the poetry night. They were joined by Executive Director Arctica Cunningham, and fellow Board Members Christine Reid, Katie Kramer, and Katie Timms at the event. CFUR organized the music that played during breaks.

Poets read or performed their work to an audience that proved to be extremely respectful and entranced. The poetry night featured multiple works of free verse poetry, a rap music performance, a couple of haikus, covers of well-known songs and some amazing, heart-wrenching slam poetry.

While many of the poets pre-registered for the event, it was an open-mic night and audience members were encouraged to take to the podium and share their own pieces or to recite their favourite works.

Many of the topics involved the environment, the earth, what we owe to it and what we as humans should do better. The artists also spoke about love, gender fluidity, and mental health.  

The night was well worth the $10 cover charge. It was an amazing opportunity for local artists to showcase their work, not to mention a perfect avenue for very important social commentary to be shared.

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