Orgasms. They’re Not for Everyone

Alexandra Tuttosi | Contributor


Sex is everywhere. In the news, the media, and our everyday lives. Because of this, I am going to touch on an important topic: the orgasm. This experience can be incredible and full of pleasure, or it can be disappointing and unfulfilling. What makes a good orgasm? Well, it’s the anticipation, or slow build up to the climax. This can knock one’s socks off (literally). Like each person, each orgasm is different. Some are short and sweet, while others are long, loud, and very intense. These experiences can either make someone pro-sex or want nothing to do with it.

To explore this topic, women were asked the following questions: When was the last time you had an orgasm? Briefly describe your experience during an orgasm. Do you experience one orgasm, or multiple when you have sex? Have you faked an orgasm? What was your best orgasm? What do people do that cause you to fake an orgasm?

Though there are many who said that they had experienced orgasms on a regular basis, there were some however, who had never experienced one. Often, these people feel a sense of shame when talking about their lack of knowledge on the subject. This can cause many to fake their orgasm. But you’re not alone. According to Psychology Today, only 25 percent of women can achieve an orgasm every time they have sex. Who knew!? Why would they fake an orgasm when they can just not have sex in the first place? Well, this question can be answered in three parts: there is a lack of passion or attraction once sex starts, their partner is taking too long to finish so they just want the sex to end, and no matter how hard their partner is trying, she is just not in the mood.

Nonetheless, there are some women who cannot achieve an orgasm, no matter how hard they try. Therefore, they feel they must fake an orgasm every time they have sex to please their partner sexually. If you are one of these women don’t worry, again you are not alone. Roughly 10 percent of women cannot, and will not, achieve an orgasm in their lifetime, according to Psychology Today. This lack of pleasure should not be a stopping point for relationships, it just means that woman may avoid sex in general, or work around it to please their partners in different ways.