On Our Watch

Emmanuel Drame | Team Member

We supplanted huts and caves with concrete buildings

Forests are lost to paved roads and cities

We found solace in religion but forgot to pray

We narrowed empires and dynasties to states

Anarchy usurped autocracy and made us all libertarians

Knives, spears, and arrows were replaced by triggers…. we’ve made killing efficient

We’ve mutually assured our own destruction as evidence of our madness in nuclear terms

All on our watch! All on our watch!


Philosophy sought to enlighten, ideologies have become normative in actuality

Science has substantiated the leftovers of discovery

We remodeled feudalism to capitalism without Lords

We’ve created equal opportunity in inequality managed democratically

We’ve enshrined and protected the rights of all men in constitutions and charters

but confined them to those pages

Where Bonaparte failed, America succeeded…it smells hegemonic!

We’ve set our reminders on historical calendars,

But forgot the dates and events that shaped the future

All on our watch! All on our watch!


Living on the edge of our emotions,

Men needed a seismic vocal reverberation to remind them:

She is a person, equally and wonderfully made to be loved and respected

From her children, she demands respect!

We teach the doctrine of people

But define people by labels

All on our watch! All on our watch!


We clench our fists to heaven

And made God abdicate His throne

We’ve made ourselves the measure of all things…gods with the lifespan of candles!

We’ve pinned our salvation on humanism

We’ve formulated laws to uphold morality with man as reference

But soon realized dogs have more morals with training

We fling out our deism as chaos continuously frustrates our efforts for order

We suddenly remember like Nietzsche, we killed God but yet ask, where is He in all this?

Virtue and values are placed at our doorsteps with dollar signs

We’ve become so capitally crazy, we’ve made earth our factory and Mars our future home

All on our watch! All on our watch!