Oct 24, 2012

Meeting commences at:  5:45 pm

Board Members Present: Hanna Petersen (News), Shelley Termuende (Manager), Reza Akbari (EIC), Geoff Sargent (Sports), Randy Roy (Production), Ben Filipkowski (Copy Editor), Behrooz Dalvandi (Web Manager), Gala Munoz (Features), Jordan Tucker (Arts)

Board Members in touch via conference call: Leila MaheiddiniBonab (Student life)

1.       Production:

*Shelley: Good Job everyone, we are really starting to get the hang of production!

*Randy will export PDF of paper on Fridays

*Staff can come in and print off PDF in the office

*PDFs of the newspaper will be exported and sent to staff on the Friday before production weekend

*Font-consistency throughout (Sam’s points also articulate this)

*Change for the next issue from 5 columns to 4 columns

*Randy to redesign the master document with new margins (given to us by Tania at Web Express)

*hyphenation and spacing consistency throughout/line-breaks to be dealt with article by article


 2. Editing

*Submissions/articles need to be submitted on time

*each article must have a title submitted with it, word count and author

*Ben to make a poster for submission standards for office and paper

*editors need to edit their pieces on their own before submission – Ben isn’t meant to be the only edit.

*External contributors need to sit down with Ben and go through their articles before they are put into the paper.


3. Over the Edge technicalities

*Reza to speak about the future of Over the Edge

-Reza took EIC position to make several structural changes. He believes the position should be in the hands of someone who has the time to commit. Overall, Reza believes team is doing really well.


-Report needs to be submitted every year

-Past team did not file their AGM 2012

-This means that Over the Edge team society act is on hold. Reza and Hanna to follow up with Shelby about past AGM minutes and signatures

*Referendum Update: NUGSS vote will be Monday at 11:00am in the April Price Board Room.

-NUGSS wants to make sure PGIRG and PRIDE are behind us, if the result is yes, go ahead!

-Meeting for proposing the question is Monday, October 29th/2012

-2 weeks from now is when the school will vote on referendum (build up a campaign strategy)

-CFUR and OTE have a table in the Wintergarden and if staffers would like to spend a portion of their office hours at the table that would be great, but if staff do not feel comfortable talking to the public about referendum, avoid it.

-Jordan: PSAs on CFUR

-Do we have a plan to approach clubs? (Leila to write it and forward it to Ben before sending)

*Funding approved for NASH for 2 additional staffers


4. How to improve

*Open discussion

*Sam’s points:

*Stylize head-boxes for editors so they do not look like news story photos

*Don’t source on internal photos

*Take out “Photo Source” from photos (name alone will suffice)

*Positions at the paper should be articulated in hierarchical order

*Use a SERIF body text – Sans serif for pull-quotes and titles only

*On Calendar: Add days of the week to month and date and a note to send events to Leila or Gala @ their email email


5. Plan out articles for next issue

*All editors must have their stories ready to go.

*Plan out cover story/leads/center fold

*Submission date for all articles to get in is no later than October 29th, 2012. (Please talk to me if to have outstanding circumstances and cannot make this deadline)

*Editors must submit minimum of five articles with sourced photos and captions.


6. Paycheques.

Meeting Concludes at:  0:00pm

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