Oct 10, 2012

Meeting start: 5.30pm

Ben and Geoff running meeting

Last production day

  • •          went well considering some were away
  • •          lots of issues left from last printing
    • o    try Spruceland News
    • o    Try printing fewer issues

Next production day

  • •          Pumpkin header
    • o    Unanimous vote in favour
  • •          Randy away
    • o    Randy is away, articles need to be submitted earlier
    • o    October 18th the latest to get to Randy

Articles must go through proper submission process

  • •          Submissions with placeholder Ben
  • •          Check emails – Ben sent an email with tips to streamline submission process

Content overlap

  • •          News, features, some content overlap
  • •          Check boards for who does what
  • •          Article updates need to be done – this can prevent content overlap


  • •          Halloween pictures of staff for next paper

CUP conference

  • •          4 people going
    • o    Shelley, Geoff, Randy, Leila
  • •          For those going
    • o    Must have $40 cash on arrival
    • o    Tentative departure at 11:30 am on Friday
    • o    Friday dinner, Sunday lunch, funded by OTE
    • o    Reimbursed for expenses

CFUR Cornered on campus

  • •          CFUR program with recorded Cornered on Campus answers
  • •          CFUR spoke about wanting to do more content than we currently do
    • o    This requires going out and doing Cornered on Campus continually
    • o    Greater time commitment
  • •          We will record regular Cornered on Campus responses and send those into CFUR for next issue
  • •          We will discuss additional content for Cornered on Campus at next meeting.

Ben and Geoff taking over Reza’s prior CFUR time slot


  • •          Handout
    • o    Guideline for approaching businesses
  • •          Competition
    • o    4 advertisements for the next issues until December
    • o    First person to get 4 advertisements wins a prize!
  • •          Percentage incentive for ads
  • •          Make people in the community know we provide advertising space


  • •          Will be done by everyone, rotating author per issue

Classifieds section

  • •          Section is not getting used
  • •          Change to a clubs profile section
    • o    Rotate clubs to coincide with upcoming events
    • o    Contact NUGSS (Heather) to email all clubs

Meeting adjourned at 6:07pm

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