NUGSS President

David Schroeter

My name is David Schroeter, I am a 3rd year political science and business student and I am committed to working to be your new NUGSS President.

In my first 2 years at UNBC I spent the majority of my time involved in the campus community through clubs and events. In my 3rd year I joined NUGSS as the Associate Director of Events and saw an entirely new side of UNBC. Over the past year through my involvement in NUGSS as a Director I have become more involved in the UNBC and Prince George community than ever before. As an individual born and raised in Prince George I have spent my entire life involved and devoted to our community.

During high school I was an active volunteer at a wide variety of community events both planned, and executed by myself, and others. For eight years I have been involved as both a paid and volunteer coach for the Prince George Track and Field Club. This year I have assisted in both the planning and execution of the majority of annual and individual NUGSS events. Over the previous year I have developed a working knowledge of NUGSS’ finances, commercial services, and debt situation. My understanding of our current financial situation will assure a quick and successful transition period assuring no steps are missed. In my spare time I have volunteered to create a program for young LGBTQ+ men to learn, gain access to services, and build a better community. My community involvement led to a love of not just Prince George, but Northern British Columbia as a whole.

One of the most important questions I asked myself, and that any individual should ask themselves when deciding to run for president, is, “Why do I want to be NUGSS’ president?”

The answer I came to was “I want to help student have the best possible experience at university, by promoting academics, social wellbeing, and affordability”. Being NUGSS’ President would allow me to return the generosity and leadership our community has shown me my entire life. I am ready to return this gift.

If Elected I promise to faithfully represent all UNBC undergraduate students according to four guiding principles: 1. Financial Responsibility 2.Accountability 3. Collaboration 4. Strengthening our Community.

Areas I will advocate for improvement at UNBC include: 1. Holding Chartwells Accountable 2. Supporting Mental Health Services on Campus 3. Bridging the Gap between our Student and our city 4. Diversifying NUGSS’ revenue streams.

If you have any questions I ask you to not hesitate to reach out and contact me in person, or over E-mail at schroet@ Follow me on Facebook for chances to get involved, event details, the campaign, and an in-depth explanation of my goals for our society.

Thank you!


Erik Searle

Erik Searle is a second-year Computer Science & Physics Student, but more importantly, he’s an incredibly dedicated leader at UNBC. In the past year alone Erik has served as an undergraduate representative on the Senate, as well as four Senate committees. He’s been the Vice President of both Students for a Green University, and The UNBC Computer Science Club. He’s worked as an SI leader and a peer tutor with the Academic Success Centre and in MACE, and he volunteered as a cohort leader, and led an academic info session during Orientation 2016.

Now, as a candidate for President of NUGSS, Erik hopes to be able to use the relationships he has developed with administrators and faculty during his time on senate, and the leadership skills he’s gained throughout his work on campus to be a strong advocate for students in all areas of university life. Erik firmly believes that NUGSS can do a much better job of listening to the concerns of students, advocating on their behalf, and most importantly communicating that information back to students.

If elected president, Erik will work to ensure that NUGSS no longer works behind a closed door. Students will no longer feel like they are simply governed by NUGSS, but that NUGSS is truly working for them.