NUGSS (Northern Undergraduate Student Society) Annual General Meeting 2017

Alexandra Tuttosi | Team Member

Alexandra Tuttosi | Team Member


On November 22, the undergraduate student body came together in the NUSC space at 11:30 am for the Northern Undergraduate Society’s Annual General Meeting. NUGSS is the society on campus that represents all the undergraduate students and manages their needs. They also manage the Northern University Student Center (NUSC Space), which includes CFUR Radio, Over the Edge Newspaper, and the Northern Pride Center. Within the Senate and the Board of Governors they speak on behalf of undergraduate students.

This 34-minute meeting may have been short, but it did not lack key information about NUGSS. The first part of the meeting comprised of NUGSS’ auditor giving a general report on the financial side of the Society. This included the increased revenue for The Thirsty Moose Pub and Degrees Coffee Co., and how by cutting back on overall spending, especially for events such as Northern Student’s Give Back (Shinerama) and the Backyard Barbeque, the Society is in less debt than last year.

Chris King, Director of Operations and Finance, spoke about some of the changes that he wants to make while in the position. These changes include restructuring the budget for NUGSS and making more small categories, instead of a few big ones, so that it is easier to track. He also proposed that any extra money be set aside to lower NUGSS debt. Erik Searle, NUGSS President, hopes to have the debt canceled out so that building upgrades can begin in the year 2021.

Once this was finished, Erik moved onto the proposed bylaw changes, which included: creating an Equity Council which will meet with the NUGSS Board of Directors on a monthly basis, cutting the Board positions from eight people to five (President, Vice-President, and three Members-at-Large), increasing staff members to take on some of the duties previously assigned to the Board and maintain regular office hours, and extending voter accessibility by having Board Member elections online instead of in person.

Duncan Malkinson (NUGSS General Manager), Seth Jex (Director of Internal Affair), and Erik Searle (President) spoke with Over The Edge about what changes they want to see happen, and what they are most looking forward to this year. In the coming year, they want to see the Thirsty Moose Pub expenses stay neutral financially, the auditor’s plan be implemented, students experience a monumental change, there to be a smooth transition from the old structure to the new structure, clubs be able to do more, hiring of new staff, creation of an election outreach program, and for anyone who is interested to not only run for any position within NUGSS, but to also know their rights in relation to voting.