NUGSS Board Reform

Sam Wall | Editor in Chief

Sam Wall | Editor in Chief

In the last couple of weeks, members of the NUGSS Board of Directors have been tabling in the Wintergarden, and held an Open House on October 12, in anticipation of their Annual General Meeting. Their goal is to consult with and get feedback from students on proposed changes to the Board structure. NUGSS is planning to reform their current Board to one more typical of most not-for-profit organizations, consisting of several proposed changes:

  • The Board would be reduced from eight members to five: President, Vice-President, and three Directors-at-Large
  • Decreasing wages of all Board members: President’s wage would go from $780/month to $500/month, Vice-President’s wage would go from $650/month to $250/month, and Director’s wages would go from $650/month to $200/month
  • This would save NUGSS $42, 800 each year, which would be partially allocated to hiring more staff to take on SLO administration, event organization, volunteer management, and other work to support the Society
  • Since this reform would remove the Board Representatives (Aboriginal Rep, Women’s Rep, Sustainability Rep), an Equity Commission would be created to represent the diverse needs of Undergraduate students, liaising between the Board and student groups they represent
  • The Equity Commission would consist of two Representatives appointed by the Women’s Centre, two Representatives appointed by the First Nations Centre, two Representatives appointed by the Northern Pride Centre, two Representatives appointed by the Access Resource Centre, two Representatives appointed by the International Education Centre, one layperson appointed by the NUGSS Board, one NUGSS Director appointed by the NUGSS Board, and the NUGSS President

The overall goal is to make the roles of Board Members more efficient and focussed, with staff taking on some of the Board’s previous duties. Since staff would be hired and managed by the General Manager of NUGSS, there will be greater consistency year to year, as the Board changes based on students’ votes at an annual election.

There are also three bylaw reforms that NUGSS has proposed:

  • Add a rule to the bylaws stating that any increase in Board member wages will not come into effect until after the next general election
  • Transfer rules governing elections from the policy manual to the bylaws
  • Lower the recall petition threshold from 51% to 25% of eligible voters, and allow votes to be collected over a three-week period.

These are some pretty big proposed changes that all undergraduate students should be aware of. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please contact Erik Searle at A document from NUGSS outlining these changes is available here:, and your feedback on the proposed reform can be given here: For the most up to date information on NUGSS happenings, check out their page on Facebook: If there any changes you would like to see to the proposed reform, get your thoughts in now! The bylaw changes and Board reform will be voted on as a package (ie. “yes” or “no” vote to all changes) by the student body at NUGSS’ Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, November 22, at 11:30 am in the NUSC Space.