Nov 21, 2012

Members present: Shelley, Randy, Geoff, Justin, Fraser, Jordan, Ben, Hanna, Leila and Gala (Behrooz connected via teleconference)

Note Taker: Gala

Editorial changes put to vote:


Guest: Neil Coyne

5:38 meeting starts

Referendum passed!

Neil arrives 5:41

What we will do with increased budget?

Pay off the deficit, payment for contributions (in monetary or other forms), new equipment, possible change to every week newspaper

Neil suggests gift certificates in exchange for advertising

Leila motions that we make another meeting to discuss what to do with the extra revenue

Suggestions for working on creating a board ASAP

Neil would like to feature the “best of OTE” in the Citizen and offer relevant information in the Citizen that OTE can use

Shelley asks about the possibility about job shadowing editorial positions matched up with OTE editorial staff; Neil sees a good likelihood that this can happen

Geoff asks about suggestions to make meetings more efficient and succinct; Neil suggests that having a board would help with this

Jordan asks Neil’s opinion about theme issues (like Christmas, Halloween); he thinks that this is a good idea since we are less of a “breaking news” type newspaper (things like “after hours” issue-did you know journalism)

Neil suggests someone writing a bi-weekly “a look at student life” for the Citizen (no payment but worthwhile regarding your resume, experience, etc.)

Neil’s advice: remember who your audience is and to take advantage of the CUP wire

Shelley to talk to Fraser about not receiving the money through NUGSS

Neil leaves 6:22

Ben doesn’t want any more late submissions

Vote on either no issue or small issue for the holidays (based on the last issue being released during exam period – published Dec.5) at the end

Shelley is impressed with layout and overall newspaper and wants everyone’s schedule for the new year (might change production nights and possibility of having two nights of production to accommodate everyone)

Randy to teach all editors InDesign

Behrooz exits via Skype (6:34)

Leila wants to discuss the board of directors before the new year (via Skype or otherwise)

Increase readership: think its increasing

In process of getting the contacts for our regional campuses

Jordan brings up sending up final PDF to Neil

Reminder about working on advertising

Structure of OTE: rewriting the constitution, bylaw and policies

EIC position: need to establish an external board for hiring an EIC (open as of right now)

Advertise effectively, establish a job descriptions/qualifications/prerequisites

Shelley is applying for EIC

Any communications through the external hiring board Ben is responsible for

Editors to email in the qualifications for the EIC position

Vote on issue

In favor: Jordan

Opposed: Ben, Shelley, Geoff, Gala, Hanna, Leila, Randy

Pay cheques distributed

Open floor up to questions or concerns:

emailing only one editor with an article story

Meeting ends 6:54

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