New Year, New U-Pass

Corey Bonnar | Contributor

The New Year is here and thank goodness for that! A time to rejuvenate the spirit and revisit all of those well-intended changes and goals to improve our lives. Between planning healthier routines and building smarter habits, every one of us should have at least contemplated and reflected on our lives regardless of the personal commitments made. I, for one, have decided to make a more concerted effort to make proper use of my U-pass. If not for the benefits that the steam-sauna, swimming, running, and yoga will have on my personal health, it will also better prepare me for future sea-level rise and the looming zombie apocalypse. By taking city transit and not driving to campus I will also be contributing to the greater good of our community by reducing my carbon footprint and having one less poorly parked car in the musical charade that is our parking lot. I am also making an effort to get more involved in student life and become a more active volunteer in the local community. I recently filled out an application to volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul as well as putting my name forward for a seat on the UNBC Senate. Now I understand not everyone has the time or the desire to be a world-changer but regardless of where you are at in your personal journey, just remember it doesn’t take much time or effort to make a difference. By just showing up to the T-Wolves games and cheering on our varsity teams or coming out to sing a random tune at the Thirsty Moose on karaoke night, you too are making student life at UNBC more enjoyable and engaging. So even if you have a burning hate for New Year resolutions, it is always a good time to be grateful for all the positives in your life, and to show those around you that you care. The opportunities for meaningful interactions and personal growth at UNBC are endless, don’t let 2018 get away with being just another year.