My Fourth Year Virginity

My Fourth Year Virginity

By Jasmine Kirk, Copy Editor

I was one of those dreaded first years who went to class, and then ran away from campus as fast as possible. I didn’t turn nineteen until my second year – ironically around the same time I started hanging out at the pub. By the time I got to my third year, I felt comfortable at the university; I found a favourite couch at the library, and I had stopped eating lunch with my headphones in. Now, though, I have reached fourth year status. Now, I hold the power of experience, camaraderie, and two pieces of government issued ID. Here are a couple things I’ve done in my final semester of university that popped my university cherry:

1. I started working for OTE. Through Over the Edge I have gotten to attend a highly practical conference which allowed for great networking opportunities, I got a sweet addition to my resume, attained a good university reference, and made a little money on the side. Oh, and I got to show my mom my name in print. She’s pretty psyched about that.

2. I started learning the violin. As someone who has never played a musical instrument before (not even the spoons), this was a huge personal challenge. It is very hard, and sounds very bad so far, but I at least understand what some of the squiggly lines mean when I’m looking at a sheet of music!

3. I joined Search and Rescue. The training alone for this has probably been one of the most fulfilling and draining things I’ve ever done. There’s usually about six training sessions a month, varying from “how to use a GPS” to “how to track someone through the woods.” Because of SAR, I proved to myself that I could spend a night alone in the woods in October without a tent or sleeping bag, I jumped out of a helicopter (it was only six feet off the ground, but still!), and I met a bunch of awesome people spending their free time helping people who really need it. It is an amazing experience, and I recommend it to anyone who has any desire to help out – find out more about volunteering at, and tell all your friends to volunteer too! (PS: this is not just for outdoor science majors! If you have any affinity for the outdoors, you should definitely apply for September training!)

4. I stopped purchasing from Eurest. There are too many delicious local options available on campus; rather than buying from Tim Horton’s and the cafeteria, I instead financially supported the UFM, the Thirsty Moose, Degrees, and the Corner Store, and attempted to be better about bringing my own food in. Everyone should develop a healthy appreciation for hot lunch on Tuesdays, amazing salads, the best London Fog in town, and the Bread Guy’s contributions to our amazing school.

5. I applied for scholarships. Yes, it took me four years to figure out that I can get free money fairly easily. I got a couple – it’s not hard! Everyone should do it, they go greatly underused!

As your university years fly by, learn from my mistakes and take a step out of your comfort zone! Make the most of these four (or five or six) years!