ManiLeaks Part 3: Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, good night!

UPDATE: According to the BBC, text messages were sent to families of those missing that,”Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived… we must now accept all evidence suggests the plane went down in the Southern Indian Ocean.”

ManiLeaks Part 3: Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, good night!

By Mani Samani

Since Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared from the world more than two weeks ago, masses of conspiracy theories have arose. Initial evidence of oil slicks in the waters nearby Vietnam turned out to be nothing. 12 minutes after the plane had changed path to the west, a mysterious “All right, good night” radio call recorded right before the vanishing of the plane which made the case more mind twisting.

With a very few identified facts and a large bizarre set of statuses, many conspiracy theories were born, some of them as far­fetched as “aliens kidnaped the passengers,” or “the plane flew too high and disintegrated in the orbit.” There is a top three list of them below that neither accepted nor rejected from any expert.

1. The plane landed on a remote air strip

Thinking of how the pilot managed to land somewhere invisible with 21 the other hand, some would say “What exactly is the point?” said Patrick Smith, an airline pilot and author in Massachusetts. Although this is exactly the point, he believes that you cannot hide a wide­body jet, with nobody noticing. It’s a bizarre idea that the Boeing 777 may have been stolen by a hijacker, either for parts or to be used later in a terrorist attack.

2. Flight MH370 “hid” below another plane

A hobby pilot and aviation enthusiast attracted some attention by theorizing that the Malaysia Airlines plane, with its communication system turned off, may have flown “in the shadow” of another jet to avoid radars to detect it in order to passed over some countries.

The theory doesn’t explain how the Malaysian jet could have landed undetected. It would have also been very difficult for the plane to keep speed behind another jetliner and not get noticed by its radar altimeter, which measures a plane’s exact distance to objects below it.

3. The passengers’ phones were ringing

Troubled family members were calling their loved ones’ cellphones desperately over and over again hoping for someone to answer after hearing the news that plane got lost. Shocking reports state something odd – the phones were ringing! This led to the assumption that the plane must have landed, allowing cellphone towers in the area to transmit the calls.

Those who work in telecommunications and the wireless industry immediately dismissed the idea, saying the ringing “often” means that the network is simply trying to locate the phone.

When an aircraft of a ship disappears the first thing to pop into many people’s minds is that the vessel must have passed through a time warp, transporting it either into the past or the future. Such an event is central to the classic film “The Philadelphia Experiment” in which a modern aircraft carrier is sent back in time to World War II. For flight MH370 perhaps the plane will appear in the sky one day over your house as if nothing happened. The worst part about the “Time Warp Theory” is not that it is completely ridiculous, but how such a giant vehicle can vanish from the world if it did not travel through time?

Whether the plane crashed down silently and disappeared from the earth or the passengers are still alive in some lost island is mysterious. Hopefully everybody is found safe!