Letter from the Edgeitor

Colin Slark | Editor in Chief

You might have witnessed it in person, or seen it on TV. You might have seen it happening in North Dakota or in the presence of a very powerful person that has decided to become the most prolific employer of high profile neo-Nazis. Protesting! It’s all the rage these days, and if one thing is certain, old white people hate it. Whether some stuffy talking head on Fox News is arguing that protesting is disrespectful to a man who has never shown respect to anyone in his life or an oil executive is saying that protesting pipelines is disrespectful to profit margins, people are upset about the inconvenience of it all. Guess what? That’s the point.

If it doesn’t inconvenience you, it’s not an effective protest. Like the people who put up poorly designed anti-choice posters up on the side highway between Cache Creek and Smalldesertstonabbeyshire Village, failing to make people pay attention to you turns you into a bemusing roadside attraction instead of a credible force. In a society where the voice of the individual should be valued, it is up to the individual to determine the value of their voice. As much as we might like to think so, social progress has not always been achieved by a polite discussion over tea. I don’t believe anything should be broken (either people or objects) in the pursuit of progress, but some things may need to be stretched out a little.

Oh, to those complaining that Americans that didn’t vote/support Trump need to stop whining, you need to step back and consider the 8 years you spent trying to undermine and delegitimize Obama. Obama got burned in effigy, but oh geez, these pussy hats are a step too far.