Letter From the Edge-itors: Passing the Torch

Letter from the Over the Edge-itor

Jasmine Kirk | (Old) Editor in Chief

This is it – the issue in which I pass the torch on to the Over the Edge 2014-2015 team, including Colin Slark, Shawn Caldera, and Hannah Rizun. The venerable Colin has written for us for the past 8 months, attended a national journalism conference in January, and has demonstrated integrity and passion. I cannot imagine a better fit to take over for me as Editor in Chief, and I wish him the best in Volume 22, hitting stands in September 2015. Shawn, who may be the most smashing bro I’ve ever met, will be supporting the business with his savvy and outstanding networking skills. Hannah will be bringing a creative Euro-flair to the team when she joins in the fall.

Throughout the summer, they will be preparing for 2015-2016 to make it the best year Over the Edge has ever seen. If you are at all interested in getting involved with the newspaper, they are the ones to talk to – they will be able to find a role that fits your skills. Working at OTE has been an amazing opportunity, and I can’t thank the UNBC community enough for what it has offered me!


Letter From The (New) Edge-itor

Colin Slark | (New) Editor in Chief

My evil plan has worked. For the last 8 months, I have carefully written for and participated in Over The Edge activities and it has paid off, I have tricked them into making me their leader.

The careful editing skills of Jasmine Kirk, the clever design work of Isabelle Legault, the savvy business insight of SuIn Lee, and the insightful social media strategies of Kelley Ware have established a high quality starting point for my evil schemes. Over The Edge, under their leadership, is perhaps the best it has ever been, and I look forward to my chance to keep this paper going strong in 2015-16.

Also, I have to thank our 2014-15 contributors for submitting thoughtful and diverse content that made the paper worth reading from cover-to-cover.

On behalf of myself, our new Publisher Shawn Caldera, and new Production Coordinator Hannah Rizun, thanks for everything. See you in September for Volume 22.