Letter from the Edge-itor: February 2

Colin Slark | Editor in Chief

The James Moore appointment has been bad for UNBC. This is not an assessment of Moore’s worthiness or capabilities as a potential Chancellor. The former cabinet minister’s appointment has been divisive and toxic, except there is not much of a divide.

For many reasons, most of them to do with Moore’s politics, a large portion of the UNBC community has voiced their extreme dissent to the appointment. Senate and Board of Governors meetings have had to put it lightly, a larger turnout from the public, because of individuals protesting Moore’s appointment and the way he was appointed. Adding to the opposition are statements from NBCGSS and NUGSS saying they oppose the appointment.

Though the Board of Governors and UNBC Administration say they have received as much support as opposition, this seems disingenuous given that a cursory search through the pages of the Prince George Citizen or online reveals a handful of supporters against an army of dissenters.

The UNBC community is angry and since the Board of Governors have reaffirmed their choice in a statement in January, the community will most likely continue to be upset through Moore’s term. Last year’s faculty strike combined with this appointment has shown that a fissure exists between UNBC Administration and various groups, most notably the Faculty Association. This animosity will damage the university and the public’s view of it, if it has not already started. Something needs to be done to start the healing process, but what that entails, this writer does not know.