Letter from the Edgeitor

Colin Slark | Editor in Chief

Relentless positivity is an appealing concept that rarely goes well. Last week, the popular Hell Yeah Prince George Facebook group suffered a nearly fatal blow after its creator Scott McWalter had been kicking off other administrators and moderators who had been disagreeing with his management of the group, culminating in a firestorm when McWalter used the group to promote a pending lawsuit by his employer.

I take no issue with the aims of the group, and I admire many of its accomplishments; promoting charities, assisting the less fortunate members of our community, and bringing attention to the efforts of individuals that work hard to help their fellow citizens. I believe that Prince George has an unfair reputation as a dangerous, dirty city, and I can appreciate that people want to convince others that we’re really not so bad. However, the methods used by the group are deeply flawed.

To talk about Prince George in a relentlessly positive manner is like attaching blinders to your face. Only discussing the sunshine and rainbows part of living in the city is to neglect that the real problems that our city suffers from. A large percentage of the posts in the group seem to be publicity opportunities for local businesses masked as altruism, which paints the group with a large coat of disingenuousness, especially as the group’s rules supposedly prevent businesses from co-opting the group. The group’s rules state that any negativity whatsoever will be removed, but this removes any opportunity for discourse, and without the ability to discuss and adapt to the negative parts of the city, Prince George cannot become the idyllic city that the members of the group so desperately want it to be. By all means, consider and discuss the good points of our city – but don’t blind yourself to its problems.