Let it Go! Hidden Homosexual Agenda in Frozen

Let it Go! Hidden Homosexual Agenda in Frozen

By Laura Mooney,­ Arts Editor

Disney’s latest mega hit film Frozen is causing quite the uproar amongst some viewers who are claiming the film is pushing a pro­gay message on the youths who view it. The film tells the tale of two sisters who were torn apart by a secret being kept by the elder sister Elsa, and younger sister Anna’s journey to help Elsa in any way she can. The film was revered for its progressive message of female strength, and Disney was congratulated for finally producing a movie that focused on something other than the lead woman finding a man. As of recently the film has come under fire from right wing political group and religious sects for what they are calling a “hidden message.”

According to Catholic film blogger Steven Greydonus, the film’s portrayal of Elsa not being interested in romantic relationships and the desire to “conceal, don’t feel” her powers is a metaphor for her homosexuality. Others involved in the argument include a Christian radio host who called the hidden meaning of the film “quite frightening” and claimed that “parents do not want their children turning into sodomites,” but Disney is paving the way towards this. Other bloggers have also claimed that Frozen is pushing images of transvestites and bestiality with the relationship between good guy Kristoff and his reindeer Sven.

While the bestiality claims are admittedly a long shot and generally have been ignored, the accusations about Elsa’s sexuality have sparked debates amongst many groups, which have led to many important questions such as, why does being a strong self­sufficient female in today’s society automatically lead to assumptions about the female’s sexuality? Can it not be possible to have a strong female whose main purpose in life is not focused on getting married? Apparently, according to these religious groups, it is not. The main argument they continue to make is that the message shown in Frozen goes against the morals that Disney has set in place for children since their beginnings in the 1940s. They fear that by exposing their children to Frozen it will set a new standard for what constitutes “normal,” thus changing the typical hierarchy of the male/female relationship they have set through past films.

The writers of the film, including Jennifer Lee, have declined to delve too far into this debate, but Lee stated in an interview “We know what we made, but once it is handed over it is the world’s to interpret.” So while we will never know if the “hidden meaning” is real or not, it is a huge step for Disney to have created their first film with a strong female in the spotlight and to chose to focus on the interaction between family instead of the typical prince and princess romance.